IFI7208.DT Õpikeskkonnad ja -võrgustikud 2018

Last assignment

01.12.2018 10:44 by Andrey B

This time the task is practical. From the entire list of applications, I chose Explain Everything Whiteboard. The first thing that catches your eye is that the application is paid and requires a subscription. When registering, you can use the trial version in 30 days.

The application aims to create an interactive learning process in which each student has a list of opportunities to interact with others. Roughly speaking, this is an electronic digital board with simultaneous access on different devices. The application allows you to universally interact, both within the audience and with the possibility of remote access. For these purposes, it is possible to share sound from the device, as well as record video.

The application allows you to create a new project, as well as invite other users and join other projects yourself.

You can start work as simply with a blank whiteboard, and use a ready-made template or file integrated from another application.

The working area itself is as follows.

The main list of tools is visible, both graphic (brush, fill, pointer), and multimedia (recording sound, adding a multimedia file).

Invitation of other participants is carried out by means of a code, link, or via e-mail.

Chart template

The settings offer various ways of screen duplication, editing, and capturing and recording audio and video.

There are even pointers in the form of light swords.

Explain Everything Whiteboard can be a very useful tool for interacting with both students and the teacher, as well as students with other students. The application can help change the class format by adding something new to it. The system is convenient and suitable for group work, allowing you to organize the process of interaction between students in any place where there is access to the Internet. The disadvantages are the need for a paid subscription (not cheap enough), as well as not very convenient use on compact devices with a small display format, for example, on a regular mobile phone.



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