EduFeedr FAQ

What is EduFeedr?

EduFeedr is a feed reader for online courses where each participant is using his/her personal blog to publish thoughts on course readings, answers to assignments and other course related posts.

How can I start using EduFeedr in my course?

EduFeedr is currently in beta phase. Facilitators need a user account to set up a course in EduFeedr. Please contact, if you would like to get a user account. Unfortunately we do not have a public registration form at this point.

How can students enroll to the course?

Students do not need user accounts in EduFeedr. When a facilitator has created the course, anybody can enroll to the course. In order to enroll to the course you must have a blog in the supported blogging platform.

Which are supported blogging platforms?

Currently we support Blogger and any standard installation of WordPress (including We are planning to add support to additional blogging platforms in the future.

How are blog posts linked with the assignments?

It is expected that the facilitator will post assignments in the course blog. Course assignments must be also specified in EduFeedr. In the Assignments section you must specify the blog post in the course blog that contains the assignment. You must also add a deadline for the assignments.

The participants should also add a link to the assignment in the course blog when they submit the answer in their own blog.

Can course have more than one facilitator/teacher?

Yes, you can add additional facilitators to the course. In order to do that you must know their username in EduFeedr.

Where can I find more information about EduFeedr?

You can find more information from EduFeedr blog. You can also follow us in Twitter.