IFI7208.DT Õpikeskkonnad ja -võrgustikud 2018


15.09.2018 23:00 by Andrey B

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I’m interested in digital learning environments that are available for distance learning. Studying the features of their use, the adaptive capabilities of these environments, and to gain practical experience with them.

Objectives (goals):

• Introduction to existing digital educational environments;

• Obtaining practical skills in these environments;

• Studying the possibilities of digital learning environments for organization of the distance learning process;

• Find learning environments that can be used in future for the work.


• Study of theoretical material on the topic of interest;

• Passing the course Õpikeskkonnad -ja võrgustikud (attending lectures, doing homework, etc.);

• Study of the principles of work the interesting environments ;

• Active learning of Estonian and English languages, for better understanding of the study material;


• Material from lectures;

• Additional literature;

• Video;

• The Internet;

• Communication with teachers / people working with learning environments.

• Other digital resources.


• Obtaining an assessment based on homework assignments and comments;

• Evaluation of the characteristics of skills in working with digital learning environments and the ability to apply them in the work;

• Successful implementation of at least half of the goals;

• Getting a list of resources suitable for distance learning.

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