Digital Knowledge Ecosystems

Digital Knowledge Ecosystems

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January 13, 2012

IFI7117: Master Thesis Proposal Presentation

13.01.2012 14:17 by Jana Teder
Presentation of my Master Thesis Proposal –
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January 12, 2012

IFI7117: Master Thesis Initial Literature review

12.01.2012 17:36 by Jana Teder
Master Thesis Initial Literature Review   „User Interface Design Analysis – Police Written Cautioning Procedure System“ Jana Teder  
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December 14, 2011

IFI7104: Presentation – Augmented Reality

14.12.2011 17:46 by Jana Teder
Presentation of my essay
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Second Life – what and why?

14.12.2011 12:58 by Kersti Toming
Being in the Internet is something we all (subconsciously) do – either we search for
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IFI7105 – Wesnoth Red Team Campaign Review

14.12.2011 11:42 by Jana Teder Jana and Mattias were sitting once upon a time in a cafe and wrote the following review to the Red Team Campaign. We tried to be more thorough to make it good enough for a t
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Wesnoth Red Team Campaign review

14.12.2011 11:31 by Mattias Saks
Jana and Mattias were sitting once upon a time in a cafe and wrote the following review to the red team campaign. We tried to be more thorough to make it good enough for a tiny group work   First of all, we woul
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December 6, 2011

IFI7110: Estonian Dutch Dictionary

06.12.2011 16:59 by Mattias Saks
Details here:
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IFI7110: Estonian-Dutch Dictionary

06.12.2011 16:07 by Jana Teder
In the beginning of this course, we had no idea at all, what is actually writing an Mobile Appilication. Our team for mobile interactions project is Jana Teder, Kerstin Sonts and Mattias Saks. First of all, we came up with three dece
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December 5, 2011


05.12.2011 17:01 by Kersti Toming
Slideshow about the project in the course.  
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December 3, 2011


03.12.2011 18:36 by Kersti Toming
Käesoleva kursusega liitudes oli mul mõningal määral ettekujutus olemas, kuidas kursuse läbiviimine saab olema. Osalesin oma õpingute esimesel aastal mõlema õppejõu poolt läbiviidud kursustel, milledel oli samalaadne ülesehitus. Pean
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December 12, 2011

Terje to Kersti Toming

12.12.2011 14:27
Suur aitäh osalemast ja panustamast! Arvata on, et teise kursuse IMKE’lasele midagi väga uut see kursus enam ei paku, küll aga loodan, et sellegipoolest on siit midagi kaasa
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October 25, 2011

nipileenu to Jana Teder

25.10.2011 16:33
Notes, blog, commentary or wiki posts are enough for first two phases – expressing ideas and distributing in communities, but certanly not for ad-hoc learning and standardization. And in other
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October 21, 2011

Tobias to Jana Teder

21.10.2011 22:02
Do you think some of the services would be especially suitable for certain phases, but not for others?
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Tobias to Marko Saar

21.10.2011 21:58
The examples you mention are spot-on! The diagram also puts things nicely together.
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Tobias to Tiina Rekand

21.10.2011 21:54
> It can be blogs, wikis, problem solution software in the company, tagging service, common document using system. Ok – but it gets more interesting to think about in which of the phases
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October 13, 2011

nipileenu to Jana Teder

13.10.2011 10:26
The four strategies of integration are: • integration through platforms The community chooses the platform to be used. The benefits are that there are not much worries involved in a single
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October 12, 2011

Tobias to Jörgen Jaanus

12.10.2011 14:10
Thanks – you have given some nice examples. Consulting firms are a good example for employing communities of practice because of the distributed character of working and because they rely on
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October 11, 2011

Danel A to Danel Apse

11.10.2011 10:24
Thanks for the comments, I`ll try next time with my own words much more.The humankind has produced during centuries a lot of data, which is best qualified on geographical map about continents, states
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October 10, 2011

Toias to Danel Apse

10.10.2011 15:11
About Integration Strategies:"In my opinion Integration through platforms cannot be very trustful ... Risks from technical integration point of view are too high."Maybe I misunderstood. I
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Tobias to Danel Apse

10.10.2011 14:55
I'd rather have a bit shorter answers to the questions and a bit more use of your own words and examples ... "The Knowledge about our plant`s geography is printed to the globe." This I
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