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8. tunni kodutöö

07.11.2010 15:25 by Alar Mõniste

8.tunni kodutöö

Otsustasin sellest slaidist kirjutada:

Kliendipoolsed tehnoloogiad

● JavaScript – veebilehel “kohe olemas”.Viimastel aastatel taas tõsiselt au sissetõusnud.

● Java rakendid (appletid). Võimaldavadveebilehitsejas kasutada pea kogu Javaprogrammeerimiskeele võimalusi (~100000käsklust)

● Flashi/Flexi lehed. Mugav kujundamiseks jaandmete esitamiseks. Silverlight

● Mitmesugused eraldi lisatavad pluginad

Toon siinkohal mõned lehtede näited, mida erinevad tehnoloogiad võimaldavad. Kuna ise pikemalt ei oska kirjeldada, siis erinevate tehnoloogiate eelised on inglisekeeles välja toodud.


Silverlight võimaldab näiteks sügava zoom-iga pilte. Link siin kus saab Obama kõrval olevat pilti Zoomida jne jne.

  • Advantages of Silverlight:

  • Rich UI applications using WPF (similar to Desktop applications)

  • Cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in

  • Rich Media experience. Possible to collaborate Media objects such as Video Streaming, Animations, etc.

  • Search-engine friendly

  • Application is firewall-compatible

  • Socket/TCP programming for multi-player networking support

  • Overlaying of Silverlight controls is possible as each Silverlight components is rendered in HTML DIV tags.


  1. No support for auto-content scrolling of a container.

  2. Silverlight 1.0 : Doesn’t include any input controls of its own. If you need user input in your Silverlight controls, you either need to create the control manually via XAML layout and event handling (for key and mouse events, etc.) or you can use HTML controls for capturing input and passing the content to the Silverlight control. Silverlight 2.0 allows this.

  3. Silverlight 2.0 :

    1. The relative positing is not currently supported in Silverlight (Fix: we need to specify the Canvas.Top for each and every controls.)

    2. Debugging with Firefox browser is not so good: VS 2008 can’t attach the firefox automatically when we run the application. so, we have to manually attach the firefox browser from Visual Studio.

    3. Exception handling is not very good so far: Exceptions in XAML file do not show on the browsers and it will just show the emply canvas which is not good.

    4. No build-in silverlight controls available in Silverlight Alpha.

    5. The support of WPF is currently very limited.


Advantages of Flash web designing

So what are the main advantages of Flash web designing? If implemented properly, flash can provide a number of useful advantages over traditional web designs:

  • Flash can make a web site more attractive, interactive and dynamic.

  • Within a 30 second period Flash can show a whole company presentation or profile on a website.

  • As Flash movies are displayed by a Macromedia Flash Player plug-in, Flash-based work is likely to be rendered the same on all browsers and computer platforms, therefore allowing designers to escape from the constraints of more traditional XHTML-based design interfaces.

  • Flash has now become a very well-recognized format on the internet, and it is estimated that over 90% of web users now have the Flash Player installed on their computers

  • In addition to being embedded within a web page, Flash movies can also be exported to construct stand-alone executable applications, which are ideal for CD-ROMs.

  • Flash movies can be stored in very small file sizes, so they can be downloaded rapidly.

  • It is now possible to import external information from say a database into a Flash movie. This facilitates the construction of more sophisticated Flash-based applications that can automatically update themselves. What this means is that one can use the same Flash interface by simply editing the external XML file.

  • Flash can also be used to create innovative advertisements, games and movies that can be displayed a web site.

Flash Facts

  • The fact is that Flash is a flexible software package that can be programmed to run comprehensive applications and online multimedia movies.

  • Flash is the most efficient means of animation on the web at the moment. It is primarily used for Vector based for animation.

  • Flash is a multi-platform application that will appear the same on all browsers and platforms as long as its plug-in has be downloaded.

Mõned näited hästi tehtud flash lehtedest: – Väga lahe mäng


advantages of javascript

As stated above, JavaScript provides interactivity for your web pages without relying on server-side “CGI”) programming, which means your pages can be interactive even when you are not connected to the Internet. Since the code is typed directly into your HTML files, you can create Javascript with software as simple as a plain text editor. You can quickly test and modify JavaScript code. JavaScript functionality is built into most newer web browsers since 1996, so there is no extra software for the viewer to download or install.

JavaScript also provides useful commands for testing the viewers capability to view other types of web multimedia (i.e. whether they have Shockwave installed). Although not all web browsers may support JavaScript, there are fairly reliabel methods for you to direct viewers to alternative pages.

Because of its wide use, there are numerous reference sites for learning about JavaScript as well as many sites to download free code that you can use. We’ll share a few with you in the next section.

disadvantages of javascript

If you lack experience in programming, JavaScript will look daunting to you. Often, it is not clear how the code works when you examine the HTML source. Long, complicated JavaScripts can add quite a bit of download time to your HTML page.

Although JavaScript is supported on the two major web browsers, there are a few differences that may cause problems. Many of the graphic HTML creation tools do not handle JavaScript very well.

Näiteks toon siis javaScriptiga tehtud lumesaju


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