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19.09.2010 23:47 by Raul Liinev

1) Sudden Impact: The Emergence of the Knowledge


2) Companies who don’t focus on knowledge worker productivity improvement will

find themselves lagging behind their competitors first in terms of profitability, and

shortly thereafter in terms of access to human and investment capital.

3) Software makers — immersed in a billiondollar

marketplace serving a bigger picture

that is worth trillions — have set the stage for

one of the most radical shifts in the

workplace yet.

4) There is a growing, necessary demand among knowledge workers for tools that

enhance speed, flexibility and interactivity. They are looking for workplace situations –

supported by software and hardware tools — that allow them to manage, organize and

synchronize their day-to-day tasks, peer interactions, project goals and short-term

challenges. Ultimately, they also need the ability to capture and share knowledge and

data in an easy-to-use environment.

5) Drucker also states “The productivity of knowledge has

already become the key to productivity, competitive

strength, and economic achievement. Knowledge has already

become the primary industry.”


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