Open Educational Resources for School Teachers from Developing Nations

LESSONS GAINED FROM THE Open Educational Resources for School Teachers from Developing Nations

30.04.2011 1:03 by Ibrahim Oyekanmi
Participating in this course has further broadened my knowledge of the OER concept.
My readings have allowed me understand the CC licensing system better and further enriched my knowledge of various OER authoring software and web sites that i had not known about before now.
With a better understanding of the various tools available for creating OER and a more in-depth knowledge of the CC licensing system, I am hoping to be able to create more training materials on Computer Applications in different freely available formats.
This added knowledge will further help me in my future endeavors in the OER community. I am planning on creating a platform for authoring Primary, Secondary and Vocational schools cooks that will be based on local Nigerian content and the knowledge i have gained from this course added to my previously acquired wiki skills from Wikieducator will certainly be of great use in this effort.
One the whole, it has been a worthwhile experience and I am hoping to be part of future courses whenever they are organized because just as OER is a continuous process, acquisition of the various skills require continually following the innovations and using them.


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