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Task 14: Final reflections

16.12.2010 22:24 by Marek Mühlberg
On the practical side of things (technology, tools, interactive environments) I like to keep myself informed. Thus, I didn't discover anything I hadn't heard about before. On the theoretical side, I was overwhelmed with the topic of interactivity. I learned that there's no single and correct way to address the topic of interactivity. Texts from 5-10 years ago may turn out to be outdated. And if they're not outdated, they tend to be vague in order to capture the essence of interactivity as a whole.

I enjoyed learning about the activity theory and how to use it as a framework, but I still believe that it's dependent on the researcher and lacks objectivity. I also enjoyed studying a journal article by Kiousis "Interactivity: a concept explication."

Regarding this course, I would have expected to receive the course structure beforehand. Personal feelings aside, it's also required by the university. One cannot plan ahead if communication is flawed. Also, I received zero feedback about my writings during the course. Thus, I feel dissapointed. Why not give 2-3 well-planned tasks and actually provide sufficient feedback? The lack of feedback made me indifferent and I lost motivation regarding this course. How is one to know if he/she is on the right track?

If there's a greater concept behind all this, do let me know. I know it's nice to think outside the box once in a while and uni. is the place to do it, but gaining a personal understanding should work a little differently.


Terje to Marek Mühlberg

20.12.2010 14:13
Dear Marek,
Thank you very much for participating and sharing your ideas. It was a great pleasure to have you in this course. I am also grateful for the feedback. You have a point here, which requires some reflection.
Merry Christmas,
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